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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with recycling one persons trash and turning it into a wonderful treasure. Clothes, shoes, broken doors and windows, ashtrays (once cleaned they make for the perfect trinket/jewelry holder), and even dressers with missing drawers. You name it, and I have probably purchased it with the intent of restoring. Through my early 20's (I realize I am only 24 and most still consider me in my early 20's - you're right, I am, but for the sake of a good story, just go along with it) I moved around a lot, making it difficult to accumulate too many second-hand gems. And as supportive as my mother is about my love for old broken stuff, I am sure she and my dad would like their garage (aka my personal storage unit) back.

It has always been a dream of mine to flip a house, alone, or at least as independent as my self-taught skills and muscles prove. It is this dream that lit a fire underneath me six months ago to stop making up excuses as to why now isn't a good time and just start doing, thus the house hunt began. I began my search in my home town of Charleston, West Virginia. I have this inexplicable love for Charleston. Maybe it's because I am a nostalgic nut-case and it holds so many good memories. I'd like to think it's because Charleston has the potential to be an incredible city for young professionals and families alike and I'm just not ready to leave until I have exhausted my efforts of helping to create the City I know it can be. I would be lying if I said I always had this undying love for Charleston. That is certainly not the case! I have tried my hardest over the years to escape to a bigger city "with more possibilities" as I am told so often, but something keeps pulling me back to good ole Charlie West. For the first time ever, I am not fighting this magnetic force keeping me in Charleston, I am reveling in it! After six months of looking at houses, learning all about first-time-home-buyer loans, standard loans, rehab loans, and so much more (THANK YOU Sarah White of Prime Lending - I truly feel like I can call you anytime with questions) I finally found THE house.

This was not an easy journey by any means. Because I was looking for a fixer upper, there were more loops and obstacles we had to face. In the beginning, I remember looking at a house that had all of its electrical ripped out by a vengeful previous owner, and another house had squatters occupying the space. However, these obstacles never scared me, I was more than willing to flip a house under these circumstances. That being said, there are two words that have left me flinching every time I hear them: structural issues. Those two words have broken my heart more than any man ever will.

All of this aside, I finally found the perfect home, and I know it was all in a greater powers timing. People will absolutely think I am off my rocker, but I am looking at this as my biggest thrift project yet. I am aiming to use at least 70% preloved/second-hand items to turn this house into a home. From flooring to vanities and everything in between, I want to gives others waste another chance at life. And what is more full of life than a home? This is going to be a journey, y'all! I want to share it with everyone in hopes I can teach, inspire, and challenge you to follow your dreams! Now, get ready for a whole lot of #oohflip moments!

Just a gal + her pup flipping a house.

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